Drupal and Magento Commerce

We’ve been using Drupal for a number of projects. It’s got a steep learning curve, but I like it as a PHP platform. We are now evaluating Magento as a shopping cart solution, and suffering from the huge differences in basic PHP infrastructure. My boss is wicked smart and he thinks Magento will be hot a few years from now.

One of the big issues with Drupal was that it wasn’t search engine friendly, and we did a ton of work on that. I just started looking at Magento, and this article on Magento SEO suggests we have some work to do with Magento as well.

I’d love to see us move to a unified platform that was great for PHP development, and good enough for search engines. We could make some killer user interfaces if we didn’t have to worry about implementation and maintenance issues (Drupal) or search friendliness (SEO). Google seems to be getting very smart these days. Maybe pretty soon it will be smart enough so we don’t need any extra SEO consultants. Ha!

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